Laila by Fadi Zaghmout

Book set in Amman, Jordan. Reviewed on 2021/04:

I actually finished this book a couple of days ago. It’s just 140 pages and fast paced. However, once I was done I needed some time to let it marinate for a while… There are three books in #laila by # fadizaghmout . There is a book about a #policeinvestigation . There is another book about #genderroles in our societies, particularly Muslim and #jordanian societies. And then you have a third book about what we do or don’t do to others and vice versa. That third book linked the stories for the most part and it’s the one I was most interested in. “I want to do this you and you want to do this to me” quickly becomes a conversation or a struggle about #consent , #power#pleasure or the three at the same time. Or at least that’s how Laila would like to see it. This book is first and foremost Laila’s world. An #unreliablenarrator ? Perhaps. Who can judge? Aren’t we all unreliable narrators anyway? Either way, Laila might shock you, make you uncomfortable or leave you with more questions. I’d have preferred a book with a few more pages with more time to explore the relationship with #tariq and even her relationship with herself. Def a #mustread also giving the current news coming out of #jordan . Fasten your seatbelts!


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