Last of the pirates by Samantha Weinberg

IMG_7481Set in Moroni, Comoros. Reviewed on 2018/12:

#lastofthepirates is definitely a combination of a lot of genres with a heavy dose of #adventure writing almost movie-like. #samanthaweinberg sets the stage in the first pages for a #nonfiction and journalistic investigation, a plunge into the successive #coupdetat and political instability which have marred #comoros since its independence. However once you read more and more, the book turns into a #historical and almost anthropological account of the #comorianpeople which I found quite fascinating. #weinberg writes the story based on the seemingly random encounters she made in the islands. That feeling of serendipity is both its strongest and weakest points. It’s strong because the mix of elements make the story go fast and absorbs you quickly. It’s also its weakest point because it feels at times forced and not completely mastered or adapted to tell the story. The story of the #comorosislands or the story of #bobdenard . Regardless if you’re visiting or interested in the #Comores , this is a great source of information either as an introduction or to take a deep dive into their recent history. #recommended #pantheonbooks #pantheon#pirates #moroni #anjouan #mitsamiouli#mayotte

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