Let it be morning by Sayed Kashua

03B80B14-FE2E-4122-94DB-3CE508040C0BBook set in Tayibe, Israel. Reviewed on 2019/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/B1ZNXOGAky9/

I have said this before but I’ll say it again. I think #sayedkashua is one of the, if not the most Jewish writer I’ve ever read hailing from #israel . One of the most prominent features of #jewishliterature all throughout history has been the obsession with #belonging in all its elusive forms. No matter how native your accent sounds, no matter how many generations back, no matter how much you can pass, at some point you realize that you don’t belong at least not by other people’s standards and everything comes crashing down. And you’d tell me: but Marcelo, listen, you Jews don’t have the monopoly on not belonging or feeling like you don’t fit in. True! However #kashua does something that is uniquely and inherently Jewish: he feels like an alien even with the people he’s supposed to belong to. He belongs and doesn’t belong at the same time. That existential malaise coming from the inside and triggered by racism and discrimination from the outside makes all of Kashua’s books a profoundly Jewish read. Here with #letitbemorning , his writing reaches levels of persecution and psychosis which reminded me of the great #saramago . In my opinion, the ending did feel rushed and somehow inconsequential. However there are some scenes in this book which will make you question the meaning or us versus them in all its forms. #highlyrecommended#israeliliterature #israeliarabs#groveatlantic #journalist #nowayout#tira #taibeh #tayibe #الطيبة#thetriangle #المثلث #המשולש

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