Let’s discuss transgender people in the pre-colonial Philippines

58C436C6-B169-4731-B294-69B53F718DACArticles set in the Philippines. Reviewed on 2019/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/BySno0Tgb3k/

I was hesitant to share this article mostly because I have no idea who the #aswangprojectpeople are. As a librarian, I did appreciate that this article has a #bibliography which can let the reader explore more and in her/his terms about the topic. Beyond the category of #transwomen , the article focuses on the role of a #shaman in pre-Spanish pre-Christian #Philippinesociet(ies)y. The emphasis here is placed in areas of the #philippineswhere #animism was central and gender was assigned or defined based on social functions rather than exclusively on sexual preferences. It reminded me of similar shaman-centric stories set in Indonesia and Samoa which I will be sharing here later this week. The keywords here are terms and categories. As a librarian, you learn quickly that there is no perfect and precise way of cataloging a book/story. So we just aim at both describing what’s specific and also what connects it with other stories by using more than one keyword. Some of that is happening in this article. It aims to focus on the specific aspects of pre-colonial Philippines with its own words while at the same time connecting the narrative with other neighboring regions, #hinduism , #intersex and #sexualexpressionamong other topics. I can’t but commend them for that. #recommended#LetsDiscussTransgenderPeopleinthePreColonialPhilippines#transgenderphilippines#genderqueerlit #queerphilippines#Visayan #Bayoguin #Asog#ExplorationsinPhilippineFolklore#TheSoulBook

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