Liar by Ayelet Gundar-Goshen

515C6CA8-F689-4D4F-92F6-3AECBC9ADB5EBook set in Haifa, Israel. Reviewed on 2019/08:

There is one important thing you should know about #ayeletgundargoshen : she is a #clinicalpsychologist obsessed with seeing ourselves as we truly are: naked under our own microscopes. #liar is now my second encounter with this outstanding writer and I’m completely fascinated. Gundar-Goshen does something that only the masters of literature can do and that is pinning down those seemingly mundane details in our daily lives and analyzing them with microscopic and compulsive precision. She reveals those trivial moments as the extraordinary and life-changing experiences that they are at least for some people: for ourselves. Because you see, the difference between an extraordinary or a mundane moment is all about perspective, all about who’s doing the talking. But ultimately it’s also about believing our personal and foundational myth that we are at the center of our lives, the #fallacythat our lives somehow are telling our story with us as the main character 24 hours a day. We love that lie. We are addicted to it and live by and for it without thinking about the consequences or the fact that the person next to us is literally thinking the same. #gundargoshen vividly shows us how our lies, our fallacies cohabit with each other and at the end become the only way we know how to live and even the only way to survive. The #lies we choose to tell ourselves about ourselves are the stories that ultimately define us. #highlyrecommended#israeliliterature #metoo #lying#איילת_גונדר_גושן #גונדר_גושן#pushkinpress #fallacies#השקרנית_והעיר #livingmylie#איילתגונדרגושן #השקרנים#השקרניתוהעיר #compulsiveliar

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