Life beyond my body by Lei Ming

3FFFD7E7-BED8-4097-8419-56421EE0D055Book set in Jiamusi, China. Reviewed on 2019/05:

This is another one of the books I became aware thanks to the #lambdaawards . So you should follow them ASAP, @lambdaliterary ! If there is one thing important among all the #genderqueerlit I’ve found over the past few months is the predominance of #nonfiction#memoir . There’s an obvious need and urgency to bear witness, to preserve and share experiences. It makes me think of something I’ve said here before a few times: we only have about 6-7 human stories which we repeat over and over again. So what’s the point of reading? Why do we need more and more new books? Because once these same 6-7 stories become our stories, they get transformed and talked through us, then they have the potential to speak out and touch others. This is definitely the great appeal of #lifebeyondmybody . #leiming concentrates on his experience growing up in a small #chinese village in northern China and his #religious Christian identity. These two angles make this book/story unique. No doubt about it! There’s definitely something important to say about sharing stories which provide unique perspectives and how they add flavor to the tapestry of our human experiences. #recommended#transgresspress #chineseliterature#genderqueerlit #heilongjiang #黑龙江省 #transman #chinesetransgender#chinesechristian #queerchina#againstallodds

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