Like a mule bringing ice cream to the sun by Sarah Ladipo Manyika

C4783FFB-C1A5-4CC6-80ED-7AB64A8D90B0Book set in San Francisco, United States. Reviewed on 2019/04:

Sometimes when I read book with bookish or erudite main characters, I wonder whether those same characters would even read themselves the same books in which they are depicted. I have mixed feeling as to how Dr. #morayodasilva would feel about #likeamulebringingicecreamtothesun . I think she would have wanted to read something deeper, longer and with less random secondary characters. But at the same time, she might have made peace with her own expectations, her life choices and the way life turned out to be anyway. #sarahladipomanyika certainly gives us the latter not only with Dr. #dasilva but also with the eclectic group of secondary characters. They seem to be making peace with whatever life has given them and how to just go on regardless. At some point the books don’t have the answers anymore and you don’t know where to stop and look for an alternative. Life continues regardless and you have to accept that. #manyikawrites about all of this with a gentle and sophisticated voice as if you were hearing this story from a personal friend, a friend that you want to have in your real life. Despite my wish of something deeper, this book comes definitely #recommended and anyway I always love anything published by the amazing #cassavarepublic . #cassavarepublicpress#nigerianliterature #sanfrancisco #lagos#jos #goldsmithsprize #expat #diplomat#englishliteratureprofessor #aging#cassavarepublicbooks #lossofcontrol

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