Little fish by Casey Platt

B605A02A-1F80-4AD3-88D2-007AC270E283Book set in Winnipeg, Canada. Reviewed on 2019/06:

Nothing hurts more than having to #grieve when you’re not allowed to. The conundrum with #grief is that it has both personal and communal needs. But when you’re lesbian, transgender, gay, bi, intersex, queer, the act of grief is almost never fully acknowledged or allowed to be expressed. Aren’t we supposed to be colorful and happy and gay all the time anyway? #littlefish by #caseyplett poses and challenges some of these questions and issues using some captivating prose and rich characters. I think societies should be measured by how much they allow groups and individuals from minorities to grieve and to be vulnerable. Because when you grieve, you have to show how vulnerable, hurt and in pain you are. That’s a luxury and a privilege for just some people and #plett in her wondrous and powerful writing style shows how much the absence of proper grief can lead to even more painful and traumatic repercussions later on… Despite some shortcomings that I felt in some parts of the story, I loved this book as a whole and will #highlyrecommend it to everyone! #arsenalpulppress#winnipeg #canlit #lambdawards#canadianliterature #mennonite#mytranscanadaweek #genderqueerlit#canadiantranswomen #transculture#debutnovel #canadianwinter#transfeminine #justletpeoplebe

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