Little reunions by Eileen Chang

IMG_6839Set in Hong Kong, China. Reviewed on 2018/11:

If you’re familiar with and have enjoyed #eileenchang before, then you should also give this book a chance. To me, it felt like a quintessential Eileen #chang style all over. Aren’t all her books just a collection of #smallreunions which it’s also at the end a great observation of life itself? Her characters seem not only all coming out of one same person but I also felt they were very close to those in her previous books. #nyrb very wisely adds a glossary of characters to this edition. But I think it’s also important not to define, separate them too much. #littlereunions is about the predominant place of those get-togethers and their #cacophony of voices and noises around us. These #encountersultimately help these characters survive atrocious and strenuous events which reminded me somehow of #nataliaginzburg or #irènenémirovsky . This was every bit the literary gem I was expecting it to be. However if you’re not familiar with her writings, I’d suggest you begin with her other books. This is advanced and classic Chang first and foremost. #highlyrecommended #shanghai#hongkong #japaneseoccupation #wwii#nyrbbooks #张爱玲 #上海 #香港#familyissues #小團圓

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