Looking for Dilmun by Geoffrey Bibby

AE42AD7F-AA23-43AB-8789-768F10C0CA75Book set in Al Qalat, Bahrain. Reviewed on 2020/01: https://www.instagram.com/p/B71ZVzFgYyF/

The #dilmuncivilization is not something I believe I had heard before this book. I decided to read this book because it was the only one I found set in #bahrain . BTW if you know of ANY books (fiction or non-fiction) set in any of the gulf countries, I’m all ears. So yeah, Dilmun! If you want to learn more about the basics on Dilmun, I’m going to let you read the Wikipedia article on it. #lookingfordilmun by #geoffreybibby gives you a bit of history and also the ins and outs of their #expedition in Bahrain as well as neighboring countries in the 1950s. If like me you have never heard about Dilmun or the #magan civilizations before, then you are up for a treat here. #bibby tells the entire story, at least as far he knew before embarking to a series of local expeditions. He also does not take the reader for granted, and shares his doubts, unanswered questions and challenges. This book is a refreshing #firsthand account of someone clearly passionate and willing to excavate it all. I have to admit that at times I was incredulous at the amount of sudden and fantastic #discoveries his team makes along the way. Color me jealous! 🙂 #recommended #archeologists#gardenofeden #danishexploration#qatar #saudiarabia #kuwait #uae#oman #persiangulf #arabiangulf#burialmounds #sumerian

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