Love and death in Bali by Vicki Baum

Book set in Badung, Bali, Indonesia. Reviewed on 2020/20:

If you are a fan of #historicalfiction , #loveanddeathinbali or #liebeundtodaufbali by #vickibaum needs to be high on your list. I think #baum does a fantastic job at writing a compelling tale that takes the reader directly to the weeks, days prior to the Dutch military attack on #bali in 1906. Like most amazing historical fiction books, #baum ‘s writing is so visionary and clear that it perfectly blends the facts with the fiction. If you are interested in the history of Bali and the details on the Dutch massacre of indigenous people and their kingdoms, you will have to go somewhere else for that information. Personally, I concentrated on allowing Baum to guide the story with her addicting and captivating style and THEN read a bit about the actual #historical events. But that’s just me! Historical fiction has the power to take the story where the facts for whatever reason are not adequate or can’t lead us to and that’s usually the before and after of a major historical event. #atalefrombali is not trying to be THE book about what happened. Baum wrote about a #seriesofevents , seemingly minor and inconsequential events which build up to the #historical record. #recommended #badung #tabanan #klungkung #balinese #dutchcolonialism #walterspies #puputan #dutchinvasion

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