Loving her by Ann Allen Shockley

IMG_2695Set in Louisville, United States. Reviewed on 2018/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/BleLnM2lKaC/

Representation #representation Representation! Representation matters because all our experiences matter. The way we see the world and the experiences and traumas we go through matter and deserve to heard and to be read. We specially need to take into consideration representation when they tell us stories about groups and individuals that have been historically and continue to be #discriminated against. And I’m saying all this because you have to think about it when reading #annallenshockley . #lovingher talks about an #africanamerican #lesbian woman in love with a married white woman and how much they want to live and express their #love in all its passionate, sexual and transformative ways. When #librarianextraordinaire #shockley published it in 1976, she singlehandlely managed to infuriate a lot of people, “friends” and foes alike. But #allenshockley wasn’t writing for them. So she never cared. She was writing for those thirsty for representation, thirsty to see and read themselves in these pages for the first time and perhaps hope, daring to hope for something better. I’m going to #highlyrecommend this book but it needs to be read from that feeling you had the first time you realized who you were, the first time you saw yourself in a book and how it all felt. #highlyrecommended#louisville #kentucky #womenlove #ohio#northeasternuniversitypress #lesbianlove#loveislove

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