Madras on rainy days by Samina Ali

FCC7B9DA-DC7B-45D6-B9F3-AD1CE209B95CBook set in Hyderabad, India. Reviewed on 2020/06:

I came to #madrasonrainydays by #saminali in my efforts to read more stories by and on #muslimindia . #ali ‘s prose is pristine and intricate. When it comes to the text, it’s simply a pleasure to read and immerse yourself in all the grammar pirouettes and embellished metaphors. However, the story itself felt somewhat predictable and repetitive. At the end, I was hoping for more insights and cohesion from all the different issues she raised: tradition, living in two worlds (between #minneapolis and #hyderabad ) and the Hindu-Muslim tension. Once the denouement comes in, it went away fast, in my opinion and without much consequence. I believe the main problem here is the absence of “something” bringing all these plots together and once you think Ali is bringing the story to its climax, it all ends abruptly. I’ll continue for my quest for more #indianmuslim stories. #indianliterature #picador#picadorbooks #firstnovel#indianamerican #arrangedmarriage#penhemingwayaward#prixpremierromanetranger

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