Market street by Xiao Hong

IMG_6459Set in Harbin, China. Reviewed on 2018/11:

Better than following writers, I sometimes prefer to religiously follow #translators instead. A few I love are the eternal Anthea Bell, Jessica Cohen, Benjamin Moser, Susan Bernofsky, Edith Grossman and here in this book the one and only #howardgoldblatt . Every time I see his name and these others I just mentioned in a translated book, I make sure to include them on my reading list. Translators usually begin just like you and I as overexcited and hyperventilated fans of a writer or book. However they delve deeper into these works and become vehicles of transposing the soul of the text from one language to another. When in doubt, you have to look at the #translatorand follow them. Here with #marketstreetGoldblatt does an outstanding job at bringing to life a story from the 1930s set in #japanese occupied and #russianinfluenced #harbin China. The amazing people at the #universityofwashingtonpressincluded two introductions which are crucial in trying to understand #xiaohongand her deeply cryptic and seemingly casual story. #xiao is offering us a lesson in #observing life and how these #observations inevitably become our real and only lives. At first it’s a text which seems too specific and simple. But the more the observations and recollections pile up one on top of another, their weights end up speaking out loud and unquestionably. It’s quite the experience albeit one requiring close attention and patience. Thanks to the great work of Goldblatt, the story remains vivid and engaging throughout. #highlyrecommended#achinesewomaninharbin #萧红#autobiographical #哈尔滨#historicalfiction #харбин #againstallodds


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