Max and the cats by Moacyr Scliar

54F9D96B-0523-44F4-819A-960A57F9D139.JPGBook set in Porto Alegre, Brazil. Reviewed on 2019/11:

I’m kick-starting my #brazilianweek with one of my favorite #latinamericanjewish writer of all times: #moacyrscliar . #scliar does two things that in my opinion only the masters can do. First he goes deep into the particularities of a #jewish story. Like Achebe and Emecheta or Rosario Castellanos and Tanizaki, the deeper they delve the story into their own cultures, traditions, customs and languages, the deeper they reach to all of us. In #maxandthecats and all of his books, Scliar uses every bit of his own #jewish culture, #ashkenazi mythology embedded beautifully with his #brazilian and #riograndense traditions and geography. The result is powerfully and unequivocally human. Second and unlike #yannmartel ‘s unfortunate #lifeofpi , Scliar only needs a little over a hundred pages to take you there. I know in this visual age of ig posts, “big books” seem prevalent and photogenic. When it comes to the actual story, I have only the utmost admiration and respect for a writer who makes use of every word, its definition, its space in the sentence, the sentences’ relation to each other. In a hundred pages, Scliar uses literature to its fullest extent as the healing and compelling force that it is. #highlyrecommended #brazilianliterature #portoalegre #shoah #plumebooks #berlin #maxeosfelinos #caxiasdosul

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