Me dying trial by Patricia Powell

IMG_1775Set in Porus, Jamaica. Reviewed on 2018/06:

Following on my post from yesterday, I would like to feature now the amazing #patriciapowell whom I have read before at least once. #medyingtrial is her #debutnovel and quite frankly an outstanding piece of #jamaicanliteraturewhich will shatter your world if you allow it to. And allowing it’s important here because this book doesn’t want to be read, instead it will demand to be heard. Much like our main character #gwennie this story aims to struggle with you and compete with your expectations. However I have to warn you that that struggle is a gradual and lengthy one. #powell wants to draw attention to other details in the story which ultimately play a prominent role albeit much much later. #edwidgedanticat wisely warns us in the introduction that the main character is like a #turtle carrying her life on her back. I’d add that if you’re not #jamaican or not familiar with #jamaica at all, this book will require from you even more: your dedicated attention and hard work. Slow pace, community drama and personal healing at glacial speed is what this book means to me. #highlyrecommended #porus#beaconpress #marriageissues #aids #lgbt#caribbeanliterature #immigrants#womanhood #connecticut

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