Me hijra me Laxmi by Laxmi

8E15A762-13BA-452B-B741-EA67CD3161B0Book set in Mumbai, India. Reviewed on 2019/05:

Even myself growing up in Puerto Rico, I remember hearing about #laxmi or #lakshmi . But in the remote possibility that you haven’t heard her name before, here’s a book for you! #mehijramelaxmi is an #autobiography in its purest definition. Laxmi speaks out about her childhood, family issues, lovers, her #hijra transformation and the subsequent #stardom with some of its downside as well. The writing is up and down and all over the place. You can argue that the rawness of the text gives it an even more personal touch. I personally think that some of her thoughts are too much all over the place and it would have served her better to get an editor and curate them into more delineated and powerful sections. Regardless, this book should be worth reading for one thing only and that is the conundrum of #representation . Who gets to represent the #hijras ? Is this voice a self-proclaimed leader? What happens if representation is not perceived as such either because of going too far or not fulfilling its expectations? Laxmi touches upon that and her conflict with other hijras which seemed to burst from a combination of jealousy and power struggle. To the core of that battle, I think the book does talk about something of great importance: there is a need for voices to represent. But who those voices get to represent and for what causes and for how long are dire and endless questions. #recommended #genderqueerlit#oxforduniversitypress #mumbai#indianliterature #transactivism#lgbtqindia #oup #celebrity#thirdgender #brahmin

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