Me, Margarita by Ana Kordzaia-Samadashvili

C6406C61-66C8-4AEF-9C37-5E04D2F7EC93Book set in Tbilisi, Georgia. Reviewed on 2020/06:

#georgianliterature is among my favorite ones in the world. There is something effortlessly unique, weird and above all brutally honest. Through all the personas of #margarita, #anakordzaiasamadashvili is really bringing together piece by piece this #puzzle which can be one person, maybe two, maybe us. Honest words become cruel, morbid and tender, loving all in one. I didn’t necessarily feel that the #shortstories were separate at all. To me, they felt as a continuum of that same puzzle building or peeling of the onion. Who’s behind it all? Would we ever know? Does it even matter? This book is such a strange train wreck, that of course is published by #dalkeyarchivepress . They are one of my all time favorite publishers and #memargarita didn’t fail to impress me at all. #highlyrecommended #georgia#tbilisi #kordzaiasamadashvili#თბილისი #dalkeyarchive #shortstory#georgianwomen

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