Memoirs of an Arabian princess by Emily Ruete

DC955166-6121-4B1F-836F-7D29A457B691Book set in Zanzibar, Tanzania. Reviewed on 2020/05:

I’m very conflicted with this book. #memoirsofanarabianprincessfromzanzibar by #emilyruete is most enjoyable when the text takes you to the time of the kingdom of #zanzibarandoman . #ruete or #salamabintsaid or #sayyidasalme gives a #firsthand account of the inner royal world of #eastafrican #muslim “eastern” or “southern” traditions, as she calls it. Personally, I felt the parts in which she describes the daily lives in #zanzibar and her own perspective and words to describe her own culture and people to be the strongest points here, specially when it connects to #historical events in the region. I still think the whole chapter about demeaning black people and pro-slavery is very cringe worthy, to say the least. I understand she was not the only who thought that way at that time or wrote about it. However, it’s definitely disturbing, also considering that she was arguing how Germans and Northerners were disrespectful and prejudiced towards Muslims. I’m still glad I read it. It ain’t easy finding books set in #tanzania anyway. #oman #hamburg #memoir #autobiographical #stonetownpress #MemoireneinerarabischenPrinzessin #sultan

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