Miami noir by Les Standiford

252C2346-3955-4FA6-95FF-677DBDEE0953Book set in Miami, United States. Reviewed on 2019/12:

So many issues with #miaminoir . Let me start with the main problem: the #introduction by the editor #lesstandiford . Editors are THE key to understand any #anthology . They set the stage, and #standiford clearly does when he calls #miami a city at the “edge of a continent” or a “frontier town”. What edge? Whose edge? Which continent? The continent of white USA or white North America? A #frontier town back in the days maybe, but still today? From all the connotations and meanings, it’s obvious that Standiford meant to portray Miami as the last outpost of a civilized white country before the barbarians from Latin America come in and invade everyone. Considering the political climate in this country and specifically in #florida, this does not surprise me at all. I can respect that that is probably his perception of the city or his way of expressing his #crimefiction writing style. But I have a right to say that his approach is misleading and myopic to say the least. What an astonishingly wasted opportunity to show the multifaceted and contradictory visions of Miami in one book. Miami is the complete opposite of an “edge city”. It’s a #bridge , a #meltingpot and a #connecting city with not only the rest of the continent, but also the world. With the exception of a couple of stories, this #noirseries is mediocre and lackluster. Given the introduction, it should not be surprising that the stories thrive in stereotypes, boring plots and bland characters. I have to say, I still love #akashicbooks . Anthologies are what the editors make of them. They should bear the responsibility when it fails so masterfully, at least in my opinion. #donotread #nextplease#wastedopportunity#miamideservesbetter #failedreading

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