Mighty be our powers by Leymah Gbowee

33A0234D-3BFB-4391-A67A-26684FFE6A4ABook set in Paynsville, Liberia. Reviewed on 2020/05: https://www.instagram.com/p/CAEmGh8gXu-/

“The women of Liberia had been taken to our physical, psychological and spiritual limits. But over the last few months, we had discovered a new source of power and strength: each other. We’d been pushed to the wall and had only two options: give up or join up to fight back. Giving up wasn’t an option. Peace was the only way we could survive. We would fight to bring it.” #mightybeourpowers by #leymahgbowee is every bit empowering, truthful, humane and inspiring. This book is primarily a #memoir about the several waves of #civilwar in #liberia in the early 1990s. Beyond the factual #historical events, this book takes the reader behind the scenes and before leaders are created. What happens when your life is upended and completely uprooted? How do you find the forces to begin anew? How do you dare to dream a better future for yourself and others when you have endure so much pain and frustration? Where do you find the strength to survive and resist when the bullies and the demagogues seem relentless and invincible? The story of #gbowee is such a resounding example because it’s plagued with questioning, contradictions and doubts. Read it, read it and read it. What a reminder of the inner power of resistance deep within each one of us. #highlyrecommended #liberian#liberianwomen #monrovia#paynesville #liberianliterature#resistance #peacemakers #bestbooks#perseusbooks #womenmakinghistory#womenmakingpeace

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