Mirror shoulder signal by Dorthe Nors

IMG_3629Set in Ballerup, Denmark. Reviewed on 2018/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmnwEVklt65/

4 mini reviews coming up this weekend and one topic in common: #alienation . However the results are not similar at all. In my opinion some achieved quite the masterpiece, others do not know what they were doing. I personally think that to make alienation as explosive and controversial as possible (as it should be?) in literature, it needs to be compared to another level, person, idea where #connections actually happen or are aimed at. The tension between the two creates the magic. And I’m saying all this spiel because #mirrorshouldersignal does NOT do that and at the end it feels flat, redundant and slightly obnoxious. The only redeeming quality here is perhaps the prose and writing style of #nors . There is no doubt that she is a crafty and skillful writer. I just wished she had an interesting story to tell us or at least a twist somewhere. Seinfeld once said: “even #nothing is something.” There could be a powerful and liberating message in a story about nothing, about the #meaningless and robotic lives we all sometimes pursue. However this is again NOT what you get in this book. Once I compare it with those I’ve read before and after it, I’m pretty sure I won’t remember it in a few hours. Maybe others had a different take on this story. I really hope so! Because I have no idea how it could have been picked as a nominee for the #manbookerinternationalprize . #letmeskipthisone #danishliterature#graywolf #ballerup #jutland #copenhagen#spejlskulderblink #sonja #drivinglicense#drivinglesson #translationblues#swedishcrimenovel#notallbooksarecreatedequal

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