Mission to Tashkent by F.M. Bailey

5611B1DD-AC8B-41F8-A0A5-8E8B36FE8E8FBook set in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. Reviewed on 2019/07: https://www.instagram.com/p/B0dqO2hg9BY/

Have you ever heard about the #greatgame ? If you have, there’s a big probability you’ll love #missiontotashkent . If you haven’t, then read on at our own peril. I wrote a whole thesis on #mackinder and his #geopolitical theory on the #pivotalheartland when I studied #geography at the Univ of Puerto Rico. So all this to say that I loved every minute of the adventures in #fmbailey ‘s epic tale. Mission to Tashkent takes place mostly in #tashkent but it also sheds some light into the entire region of #turkestan and also #india and #persia . The Great Game was literally that a game: a very dangerous and high-risk game. Only the powerful, rich and privileged had any chances of playing this game of international intrigue and control of natural resources. Despite what they might make you believe, the Soviets and the British at the end had absolutely zero interest in the local populations or any ideological interest. This was a game to become even more powerful, to richer than anyone else, to be the biggest bully and completely annihilate the other side. Sounds familiar? Of course it does. The fact that #bailey ‘s book published in 1946 about events that happened in 1918 might feel relevant and contemporary should send shivers down our spine. We have become addicted at failing to learn anything at all which mean we live in an endless repetition of the same errors. #recommended#oxfordpaperbacks#oxforduniversitypress#royalgeographicalsociety #spies#bolshevik #bukhara #andijan#samarkand #kashgar

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