Monkey grip by Helen Garner

IMG_6066Set in Melbourne, Australia. Reviewed on 2017/07:

This book was the result of my attempt to read more #australianwriters. I personally had never heard of #monkeygrip or #helengarner before. First published in the 70s and made into a motion picture, this wild and carefree novella made #garner famous. And I can certainly see the appeal. It’s ultimately the very old story of how we know from the beginning that something is bad for us or will end it up hurting us and we still end up doing it anyway. When it comes to #drugsand #relationships the main character, #nora is fully aware of what’s going on and the consequences. So instead of feeling sorry for her, you end up seeing her for what she really is: a human being with good and bag things. Personally I liked the first 100 pages while Garner develops that world around Nora: addictive and without responsibilities. After that I began to want more. It became repetitive as to her #romantic encounters and choices and it was difficult to care for the same plot once again. Ultimately a great #portrait of #suburban Australia in the 70s. #penguinbooks #australia#australianliterature #melbourne #hobart#coupleissues #freelove #70s #addiction#againstallodds

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