Montenegro by Starling Lawrence

IMG_4731Set in Cetinje, Montenegro. Reviewed on 2018/09:

I hope it comes across that I always try to be as candid and diplomatic as possible about books I don’t agree with and writing styles which are not my favorite ones. In the case of #montenegro by #starlinglawrence I can’t help but to be as blunt as possible. This book is #preposterous#obnoxious and pointless. #lawrence excels in writing the Wikipedia version of an #armchairexpert to such a degree that at times it feels neocolonial and deadly tedious. How does this even get published? How is this possible? The answer: Mr. Lawrence is apparently a big editor at #wwnorton and also participated in the #peacecorps. Therefore he enjoys professional, racial and gender privileges and networks that others don’t together with a high doses of jesus/savior syndrome. That aura is embedded in every page of this book. Hence we are stuck with having a book which never should have left the realm of his bar/humanitarian buddies. I did read the whole thing. Why? Because I always think it’s going to get better. It almost never does… And it was such a struggle to find books set in Montenegro. The challenge is still on. This country deserves so much more than this #myopic and #overbearing text. This post is here on my account to warn others NOT to read this book under any circumstances or unless you’re researching on how not to write a book. #pleasegivememymoneyback#pleasegivememytimeback#harperperennial #booksgowrong#whatdidijustread #honestreview #cetinje#historicalfictiondonewrong#hownottowrite

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