Moonbrow by Shahriar Mandanipour

58FA4D7B-E164-40B3-8059-635AD6944058Book set in Tehran, Iran. Reviewed on 2020/01:

After more than 450 pages read, I can consciously say that what I enjoyed the most here was the writing style. #moonbrow by #shahriarmandanipour unfolds and reveals itself through multiple #voices and styles. #mandanipour gives these voices their distinct styles which create a mysterious cacophony of questions and answers, of dialogues and even of monologues. In my opinion, the main problem is trying to make sense of whatever it is they are trying to reveal. After having read it, I still have no concrete idea what the book is about. The great people at #restlessbooks are marketing this book as an account of a #soldier coming back to #tehran after the #iraniraqwar : from #martyr to #pariah . They are definitely lots of references to that story line. I still think there’s gotta be something deeper and more epic going here. Whatever Mandanipour leaves out either consciously or not seems to be weighing above the story. I’d love to hear what #iranians , people with knowledge of #iranian and #persian culture thought of this book as well. To be honest, I read it just to witness the great writing juggling among the styles and voices. I’m not sure everyone else would read it just for that. #sarakhalili #iranianliterature #amiryamini #تهران

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