Moth smoke by Mohsin Hamid

14AD8788-5E6C-4B8F-A4D2-099B4512D5D2Book set in Lahore, Pakistan. Reviewed on 2019/07:

To be honest, I liked the story but I didn’t love it as much I expected. I know that #mohsinhamidis a rock star and his books are very popular in some literary circles. I guess that’s why my expectations on this one were so high. The story itself is interesting and definitely a window into the rich and famous elite in #lahore with all its excesses and debauchery. Having said that, #mothsmoke in my opinion does not dive deep into the reflections and conundrum which I would expect from a #monologue aiming to be existentialist. The more #daru falls into self-destruction and annihilation, the more I was expecting a moment(s) of realization. It doesn’t come at all and clearly this is not what #hamid is going for either. He’s portraying the wild, hedonistic and boisterous side of a #pakistani youth trapped between wanting to enjoy every single excess in life and a society riddle with corruption, hypocrisy and extremism. The more these extremes diverge, the more Daru falls into the abyss, almost in an alice in wonderland way. Again it’s a rapid and enticing story which clearly reflects the extreme pulses of a society trapped in its own vices. That is what Hamid wanted to write about. I’m just not sure is what I expected from the book or a writing style I enjoyed. #picador #pakistaniliterature#pakistaniyouth #lossofcontrol#islamabad #nuclear #pakistan#debutnovel #pointofnoreturn#debauchery

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