Motherland hotel by Yusuf Atilgan

046D6049-1772-44D8-9398-CBF2874F09D7Book set in Izmir, Turkey. Reviewed on 2020/01:

I have read a few books on #obsessions , and I can tell you that #motherlandhotel by #yusufatilgan felt different to me. In my opinion, that difference stems from the fact that we are basically witnessing the aftermath of the #obsession , the consequences of it. I couldn’t stop asking myself these questions: Does this woman that he obsesses over even exist? Is his obsession the product of his troubled relationship with his own family? Are we reading about an alternative coping reality or what actually happened? Instead of focusing on the details of the obsession, #atilganwrites about the effects of the obsessions and the downfall of our unreliable character. But where is he even falling from? How much lower can you possibly fall into when you already feel among the lowest of the low? Atilgan also reminded me of two other outstanding #turkish books: Madonna in a Fur Coat (1930s) by #SabahattinAli and The Time Regulation Institute (1950s) by #AhmetHamdiTanpinar#Zeberjetfeels like a continuum of obsessions steaming from #irdal and #raif . If you loved this book, please do consider the other two and vice versa. There are all three excellent examples of #turkishliterature and how much an #unreliablenarrator can teach us about our own failures and flaws. #highlyrecommended#citylightspublisher #izmir #ankara#AnayurtOteli #psychological

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