Moving forward sideways like a crab by Shani Mootoo

9D0E5AAE-C071-4190-BFA6-BD3C7CE9A24EBook set in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago. Reviewed on 2019/06:

After my South America posts, I’m now beginning what looks like the #caribbean version of my #genderqueerlit project. This weekend I’ll be posting books set in #trinidadandtobago #puertorico#republicadominicana and #jamaica . Let’s begin with the mesmerizing #movingforwardsidewayslikeacrab by #shanimootoo . I ain’t going to lie. I literally felt like a #crab moving forward and sideways while reading this book. I think #mootoo thrives in how much memories and reminisces play a role in telling our stories. The problem is when our past relies on the not so factual #nostalgia of a parent trying to forget that same past. Mootoo also relies heavily on #forgiveness and #healing which are not easy to feel when it comes to characters which are unreliable and which you might prefer to dislike. My only criticism here is the way the story is built. It becomes painfully slow and repetitive at times and you literally have no idea when it’s leading you to. I can’t blame readers for not wanting to continue to read. However for those who preserve, the rewards are there to catch. This is a text that rewards those who feel and touch the words, more than those eager to unlock any concrete secrets or having an actual denouement. #recommended #akashicbooks#portofspain #toronto#trinidianliterature#trinidadandtobagoliterature#transgenderparent

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