Murder in Maldives by Sanchita Sarin

7DB6533C-E440-4062-8F79-34362F5C684CBook set in the Maldives. Reviewed on 2020/06:

At the end of day, I think the #detective #thriller genre is probably one of the most difficult ones for any writer. Either if you are a rare genius at the Simenon level or you’re just yet another book in the sea of predictable twists and comfortable yawning. #murderinmaldives by #sanchitasarin is in the latter bucket. Don’t get me wrong! Not all #detectivenovels have to be Simenon. However, #sarin gives us nothing here at all. A lot of characters come in and there is no way of telling them apart or what they do contribute to the story. The writing is tedious and monotonous. And the most #Maldives you’re going to get here is the word on the title. Sarin refuses to enrich the story with Maldivian culture or even peculiarities which would have made the story intriguing and captivating. Instead, it’s a continuum of predictable twists and missed opportunities. Please read something else. #nextplease#devinlanghar #notionpress#notrecommended #skipthisone#islandtragedy #indianocean#ultraluxury #livingitup#readifyoudontwanttoreadagoodstory

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