My father’s paradise by Ariel Sabar

45F0D1B2-3C71-42BB-9602-BDA6C24576B9Book set in Zakho, Iraq. Reviewed on 2019/08:

#myfathersparadiseis the ultimate eulogy to the #immigrant story. Despite of all the odds, the last #kurdishjew in #zakhosurvives and establishes a family in far away lands. His son #arielsabar now wants to return, seek for answers and understand. Returns are always tough and especially so when someone else’s memories and perceptions are leading you. This could either be a recipe for disaster or an adventure full of challenges. In the case of this book, #sabar plunges you into a #kurdistanand #iraq which seems long gone judging by the news headlines. It’s obvious that challenging our own perceptions of the region is one of Sabar’s main goals in this book. I personally found myself more interested in how he managed to interpose his altruistic ideas on top of his father’s past life experience. If you’re interested in the history of the region from a family’s perspective, I think this is a great choice. Sabar definitely has a captivating and enticing voice which remains vivid all throughout the voyage. #recommended #kurdish #jewishiraq#algonquinbooks #kurdishjews#aramaic #autobiography#iraqikurdistan #biography #baghdad#newhaven

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