My tender matador by Pedro Lemebel

B7617EDB-4822-44E6-8E82-E45A6DCCF6BABook set in Santiago, Chile. Reread on 2020/07:

“I want to forget this afternoon, forget that life is so stingy, that it rarely gives you these moments of happiness.” Life has forced The Queen of The Corner to learn from an early age one important truth: everything at some falls apart. It has to. Nothing lasts forever. The pain we inflict upon each other as much as the love we give each other, it all ends at some point. Once you acknowledge that, you can begin to realize that it’s not so much about the before or after, but the in between period, the during stage. The two interconnected stories here seem to be racing to abrupt endings either perceived or real. They all know that if they take a wrong step, their living fantasies will cease to exist: the addiction of insecurities and anger as well as a #platonic love with #revolutionary tendencies. Despite it all, they want to believe wholeheartedly, throw themselves in and still sooner or later it ends. The only possible escape comes from those living in the margins, on the fringes of society. #pedrolemebel and #lalocadelfrente are what unites those beginnings and endings, to cease the abrupt ruptures and create a continuum. #highlyrecommended#tengomiedotorero #lemebel #santiago#chileanliterature #grovepress#mytendermatador #reread#rereadmarathon #queerchile#lgbtchile #thequeenofthecorner

Reviewed on 2019/06:

I knew I was going to love #lemebel but now I’m just infatuated. Falling in love with Carlos and the Queen of the Corner seems impossible and tomfool at first. However like the most endearing #lovestories of all times, theirs will make you cheer for them and make you believe once again in the hope of love in the face of dictatorship and repression. A tender and enigmatic love made vivid thanks to the intoxicating writing style of #pedrolemebel . #mytendermatador is a #lovestory between two strangers loving each other because of the silences, lies and misunderstandings, not in spite of them. I can’t recommend this jewel high enough. Lemebel feels like a hopeless and addictive believer. His prose is an act of blind and unconditional faith. So please do consume this with caution. 🙂 #highlyrecommended #santiago#santiagodechile #genderqueerlit#tengomiedotorero #fuckpinochet#grovepress #queerchile #chilequeer#againstallodds #chileanliterature#maipo #cajondelmaipo#cajondelmaipochile #chile

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