My uncle Napoleon by Iraj Pezeshkzad

IMG_6232Set in Tehran, Iran. Reviewed on 2017/08:

A couple of weeks ago, I read an article about #Iran unveiling the largest bookstore in the world… However I quickly discovered that none of the outstanding #iranian novels I have read this year will be featured in this bookstore. Why? Because they have all been censored. The Iranian authorities have managed to build a monument to the bookish Iranian traditions. They just “forgot” the books… If you think this absurdity could be made into a book, wait no more! #myunclenapoleonis the excellent and magnificent example of #iranianliterature at its best. #pezeshkzadperfectly manages to encapsulate the diatribes and insanities of a society and characters looking for foreign scapegoats, in complete denial of any internal issues and obsessed with conspiracy theories. The result is quite the #masterpiece a hilarious and honest roller coaster of a situation which becomes more and more a mirror of the story it aims to criticize. Because after all the book is indeed a #satire a #parodyof the best caliber because it shows the real fabric and complexities of Iranian culture: a power that no government or dictator can censor and transcends it all to become THE literature. #highlyrecommend#irajpezeshkzad #thebestofthebest#teheran #hilarious #persian#persianliterature #censorship #دایی‌جانناپلئون#پزشکزاد #تهران #brilliant

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