Narrator by Bragi Ólafsson

5803C9B5-39BE-4906-B310-8DEFD2EEF2D7Book set in Reykjavík, Iceland. Reviewed on 2019/12:

#narrator by #bragiÓlafsson feels empty and sparse enough that readers are free to give or take whatever resonates with them. This read was more of an #existentialist maze than anything else. It also feels as if #Ólafssonwanted to create something new and #experimental which seems to appeal tremendously to his #icelandicreaders. To us reading from the outside, I think there is a feeling of #incomplete which most reviewers have filled with comparisons to other writers. Dare I say that #olafsson was way too existentialist, sparse and abstract for me? There is nothing too consequential happening in this story, and worst of all, it’s repetitive without any ending on sight. Because of its incompleteness, I think it’s the kind of story you need to read at a particular period of time. The books I was reading at the same time simply overwhelmed any attention or interest I could have derived from this book. Again I think some readers will fill in the blanks with both something they love in the story AND a resemblance to another writer. Myself, I will just go on to the next book. #icelandicliterature #Reykjavik#openletter #openletterbooks#Reykjavík #stalking #obsession#encounters #Sögumaður#bragiolafsson #lyttonsmith#notmyjam

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