Neg maron by Michael Aubertin

AC883EFA-9492-44BC-9EB8-39215ABC06D1Book set in Gros Islet, Saint Lucia. Reviewed on 2019/11:

When #negmaron shines, it shines brightly. What I appreciated the most here is the insightful fiction treatment of how much European #colonialism created these artificial divisions among the #caribbean islands which local people do not subscribe to at all. In this story, we follow the lives of those trying to escape the brutalities of #slavery from one island to another, from one European nightmare to another. #michaelaubertin uses his writing style to describe how these realities permeated specifically in #stlucia , #barbados and #martinique , and also how people always searched for their similarities and commonalities. The major problem I had with this book is with the overwhelming amount of awkward transitions. My guess is that #aubertin wrote a book that speaks immensely to him and to his native #saintlucia without paying too much attention to nuances that might be lost to the rest of us. AND of course Aubertin is allowed to write in any way he prefers, and directing his message to the audience of his predilection. What I’m saying is that perhaps an annotated introduction or preface could have worked wonders to introduce foreign readers like myself to the intricate twists and deep mysteries in this story which left me wondering about a missing key somewhere else. #stlucialiterature #stlucianliterature #saintlucialiterature #caribbeandiasporapress #freedom #caribbeanlit #caribbeanliterature #freedomfighter #againstallodds #relentless #castries #grosislet


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