New waw by Ibrahim Al-Koni

00930A4A-316E-4B14-A93A-819035D800D8Book set in Gadamis, Libya. Reviewed on 2019/09:

I think a lot of books love to talk about sparse and ethereal writing. #newwaw by the incomparable #ibrahimalkoni is the real deal. As I mentioned in my previous mini review, #alkoni thrives in making the hyper-local a representation of something truly human and global. With New Waw, I think he immerses the reader in even deeper levels of #mysticism , #symbolism and #allegories . I’m not going to lie. This is a highly embellished story which makes it for a wild read and one that forces you to both pay attention but also to let it all flow over you. Al-Koni is more interested in how the story takes the reader into a dreamlike experience between the sounds of the words in the story as opposed to a story itself. I’m sure there are lots of specific elements which people familiar with #tuareg and #berber cultures would pick up right away. For the rest of us, Al-Koni still proposes a voyage into the depths of our own deserts, our own rocky mountains and a story to guide us through. #recommended#libyanliterature #saharalit#tuaregliterature#centerformiddleeasternstudies#universityoftexasataustin#universityoftexaspress #libyandesert#desertstories #desertmyth#desertlyrics

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