Night blind by Jan Worth

49E0BCA0-AE12-409F-AA50-6957746460C6.JPGBook set in Nuku’alofa, Tonga. Reviewed on 2019/03:

There are basically two stories going on in this book and I’m not sure I wanted to read either one of them. #nightblind commits one of the most heinous crimes a writer can do in my eyes: go longer instead of deeper. #janworthseems to want to talk about her personal life, background and experience as a #peacecorps volunteer in #tonga within the story of a tragic #crime . The crime here is that she achieves none of that. #worth is not without redemption though. There were some lines and descriptions which seemed to be the beginning of something. It is not. I think the problem is that the writer gets too personal in the story and it becomes more of a #memoir or #autobiography which is interesting to herself and her family and friends, but not necessarily to the rest of the world. And she knows it too. That’s why she adds the second story. But the addition itself feels forced and instead of helping, it just further derails everything. A good and honest editor should have helped her to find another path. I didn’t have a lot of choices when it came to books set in Tonga. So I will just keep on looking. #ohio #tongan#peacecorpsvolunteer #becominganadult#kingdomoftonga #nukualofa #iuniverse#itsnotcompletelybad #growingup#learning #americantaboo

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