Night of many dreams by Gail Tsukiyama

7E11113E-A44C-44E6-AD6A-7573DD827628Book set in Hong Kong. Reviewed on 2020/06:

This book = just no. It’s not necessarily a “bad” story. Engaging at times, #nightofmanydreams felt like background noise from the tv while you do something else. The flashbacks, the half-developed characters and insipid twists just do not add up into a story I can possibly recommend. #gailtsukiyama felt like a light attempt to imitate #eileenchang writing more or less in the same period of time in #hongkong . The biggest difference between the two is how much a writer can shake you up in a story and whether you are even interested in that at all. You might not. #tsukiyama is telling one story pertaining to two #sisters in a specific setting and era. You read it. You close the book and that’s it. On the other hand, like most writers I love, Eileen #chang goes deep into the core of the story to transpose the humanity of it, and connect with all of us. Unfortunately, that is obviously what is missing in this book. Tsukiyama wants to tell a story without the simmering, without the core. As the French would say, “chacun son truc.” Personally, I say: #nextplease . #macao#sanfrancisco #worldwarii#historicalfiction #familysaga#stmartinspress

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