Nima by Adam Popescu

1E085576-3D25-497A-8888-B2A7FEA7BC76Book set in Khumjung, Nepal. Reviewed on 2019/05:

I wanted to like this book mostly because I have an immense respect for any book published by #unnamedpress . However this book when it’s good, it’s quite good. And when it’s bad, it’s just disappointing. I think #adampopescu does his best when it came to the main character #nima . #popescu employs a lot of poetry and longing on describing Nima’s dreams, struggles, transformations and subsequently nightmares. “Don’t dwell, move forward. Life is too impermanent to waste time. Ang is now Nima, a man is now a woman, but it really doesn’t matter.” I so wished that Popescu would have made this book exclusively about Nima and perhaps drawing more intimate parallels between herself and the #himalayas . That’s not what happens here. Popescu surrounds Nima with some secondary characters which in my opinion derail the entire story. I still have no idea what was their purpose in the plot and at the end I couldn’t care less. The #bbc reporters were annoying, inconsequential and superfluous. So I’m going to recommend it but bear in mind that there is a potential which at the end just felt unfulfilled. #sherpawoman#genderqueerlit #nepal #everest#everestbasecamp #khumjung #bbc#khatmandu #solukhumbu #खुम्जुंग#khumbu #sherpa #nepali

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