No-no boy by John Okada

8AA4AA26-0A57-4B45-BBBF-AB501C09E187Book set in Seattle, United States. Reviewed on 2020/02:

#nonoboy by #johnokada is not specifically about the #japaneseinternmentcamps . It’s about the aftermath, about things that can’t be fixed, about things you’re told to move on from and you simply can’t, about the impossibility of #returning anywhere. Through some highly intricate and #existentialist monologues, #ichiro can’t stop meandering in his thoughts and the world around him. This a world that has gone out of its way to define and confide him into what he is supposed to be and how he is supposed to feel. In a lot of ways, #okada wrote a quintessential #immigrant story. It’s also about our pernicious and vicious addiction to a pursuit of happiness which more than elusive is simply unattainable and infantile. But what to do instead? Should you not strive to be happy? Should you not want to do your best, not only for the your own sake, but for the sake of your family? Should you not desire to show your kids what you think #happiness is? Okada describes a country inevitably full of shattered dreams and unfulfilled promises. The particular experience of the #japaneseamerican community in this country and the #internmentcamps help us to reckon with a moment as American as apple pie and with a message to everyone anywhere. #highlyrecommended #seattle #portland #japan #japaneseimmigrants #racism #universityofwashingtonpress #americanliterature

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