No presents please by Jayant Kaikini

Book set in Mumbai, India. Reviewed on 2021/07:

I couldn’t stop comparing #nopresentsplease by #jayantkaikini with #bombaystories by the great #saadathasanmanto . Kaikini’s #mumbaistories have a captivating beginning, interesting characters and somehow it still doesn’t have much power behind stories. I enjoyed them but couldn’t stop thinking where this was all going. When are the stories going to produce something meaningful or a compelling twist. Most stories here seem to be about observing the #absurdities of the big #metropolis in all its excessive monstrosity. Personally, I felt the book has been written before and in a more meaningful or alternative way. Like much of his characters, I remained waiting for something to arrive and it never did. #harperperennial #mumbai #bombay #indianliterature #kannada #kannadaliterature

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