Nowhere to be found by Bae Suah

IMG_6487Set in Gyeonggi, South Korea. Reviewed on 2018/11:

“Burn me. Pour gasoline over me and set my body on fire. Burn me at the stake like a witch. Wrap me in garbage bags and toss me in the incinerator. I’ll turn into dioxin and make my way into your lungs. Stroke my face lightly with a razor blade and sick the blood that comes seeping out. I want to be covered in blood. I’ll cry out in the end and weep for fear of leaving this world without ever once discovering the me inside me, the ugly something inside me.” This is what literature should make you feel. The rest is just footnotes and cacophony. Here you have a story full of everything out there which is reckless, hopeless, meaningless and effortless. For those of you in love with the outstanding #hankang I get it. I love her. But let’s also move on to other equally amazing and sickly talented #koreanwriters (most of them women BTW). #baesuah takes you on a journey of falling down deeper and deeper into the abyss of never return. This is #streamofconciousnessmeets absurd elements with a hint of #socialcritique. She’s observing and taking apart the constraining and asphyxiating forces of #koreansociety and the #koreanfamily . However once she burns it all down to the floor, the same fire ends up devouring her as well. Is the #searchformeaning even worthwhile when freedom becomes a chimera and a never ending route to failure? #bae employs raw #poetry and #innermonologues to show you how much your struggle to set yourself free is completely futile. So you might as well get yourself a roasted chicken and wait for the next bus that never comes… #highlyrecommended #koreanlit#nowheretobefound #mykoreanweek#amazoncrossing #gyeonggi #배수아 #경기도 #철수 #cheolsu

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