Of darkness by Josefine Klougart

IMG_3488Set in Copenhagen, Denmark. Reviewed on 2018/08: https://www.instagram.com/p/BmlwkoMFsOT/

As you all know, I do not tend to read a lot of #poetry and feature even less in this account besides the occasional post for a specific city or country. But how about a #poetic prose which transform into both imagery and plot? If that sounds exhilarating to you then you should read #ofdarkness by #klougart . This book is compelling and #ethereal both visually and content wise. The story flows from the deeper and inner circles of feelings and sensations to aim at encouraging you to experience and to perceive above all. So at the end, the story itself becomes irrelevant and we are literally left with a #sensory experience expressed in words which have been chosen because of their weight and strategically placed in the story. Do not come to Of Darkness to read anything. Instead #josefineklougartwants you to coe to her story to feel and sense her words as vivid and close as possible. It’s a personal and sublime experience albeit for an acquired taste. So be warned! #highlyrecommended#danishliterature #deepvellum#copenhagen #ommorke #darkness#ommørke #København #genrebending#timeless #suicide #imagery

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