Oil on water by Helon Habila

292ADEC7-C101-4C79-B431-AEB9FD4F99B2Book set in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Reviewed on 2019/10: https://www.instagram.com/p/B3sADbMgXJ1/

I’m just going to go ahead and say it: #olionwater was a big disappointment for me. The book itself is a pleasant and interesting read at times. However there were two things fighting against me enjoying it: #habila ‘s book on the #chibokgirlsand #buchiemecheta . #helonhabilawrote Oil on Water before his non-fiction book called The Chibok Girls. I read them backwards instead and probably that made a difference. Oil on Water feels like the tentative draft of the #journalist that comes to fruition on The Chibok Girls. Although this book seems to have the right elements: compelling story, complex characters, etc., there is a feeling of something missing or something not bringing the full story together. I also mentioned #Emecheta before because I was reading her Motherhood book right at the same time with this one. Not trying to blame my lack of enthusiasm here on Emecheta. This has happened to me before. Reading more than one book at the same time can be fulfilling as well as detrimental to what you’re reading. Oh well! It can’t never be perfect! #nigerianliterature #portharcourt#nigerdelta #nigeria #kidnapping#environmentaldisaster #nigeriandelta#wwnorton #commonwealthprize#signedcopy

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