On the edge of reason by Miroslav Krleza

3D8C59B9-60A9-4CAE-9723-A491D4F753C7Book set in Zagreb, Croatia. Reviewed on 2020/01: https://www.instagram.com/p/B7EBICXgeZQ/

I wish there was something “higher” than #highlyrecommended to entice you to read #ontheedgeofreason by #miroslavkrleza . With precise and direct prose, #krleza shows us clearly the #fundamental question at the core of all our grievances: Am I a Human? Once you even begin to make sense or attempt to answer this question inevitable other questions percolate: How do I know whether I’m a human? What does it mean to be a human? If I’m human, who else is? Am I the only human? If I’m not a human, then what I am? Who gets to decide whether I’m a human or not? etc. It’s almost like a #pandorasbox and Alice falling down the rabbit whole with no end in sight: free falling in a sea full of questions with no answers. Once we have successfully managed to annihilate each other, and humanity for that matter, I would love this book to be what other extraterrestrial civilizations find of us. This book is a testimony to our own folly and the fundamental questions demanding our attention and at the same time taking us nowhere. #theverybest#croatianliterature #austrohungarian#newdirections #newdirectionsbooks#zagreb #zoradepolo #Narubupameti#miroslavKrleža #Krleža#askingquestions #truth #otucast#outsider

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