Öræfi: the wasterland by Ófeigur Sigurðsson

ABF8440A-E760-4CA5-A588-77E3693E86DBBook set in Öræfi, Iceland. Reviewed on 2019/12: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5-p6yigY7A/

Quite the ride here! Although at the end, I had some mixed feelings about it. #Oraefi by ÓfeigurSigurðsson began with some sophisticated metaphors of that same “beautiful yet inhospitable” theme which I have been dragging around for the last 3 or so mini reviews. Our #austrian #toponymist made me think of his compatriot #thomasbernhard . With two characters talking and writing through each other, it felt as if #Sigurðsson had created a two-headed #bernhard . A lot of #streamofconsciousness , a lot of #lists about anything, a lot of #meandering , a lot of abstract and inconsequential #rambling which I love is all in this book. My biggest problem is that it becomes repetitive and dare I say even annoying at some point. #ofeigursigurdsson seemed to have written a book about a lot of disparate things which do not need to come together. I definitely appreciate this kind of book sometimes. In the case of #Öraefi , it felt impenetrable and hermetic. I would love to hear from #icelandic readers on how they feel about this book. Myself, I was pleasantly surprised and #obsessed at the beginning. At the end, I definitely wanted it to end as soon as possible. #icelandicliterature#oraefithewasterland #deepvellum#lyttonsmith #glacier

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