Oroonoko by Aphra Behn

IMG_1568Set in Suriname. Reviewed on 2018/06: https://www.instagram.com/p/BkIF57ylVTW/

When published in 1688, #oroonoko was considered groundbreaking, unprecedented and controversial. Why? Well it’s arguably the very first piece of #britishliterature(western?) portraying #africans (black people in general) as kings and princesses, as beings capable of love, capable of positive feelings and of being human. And for that #aphrabehn was propelled to fame but also into a lot of controversy re her ambiguous views on colonialism. The story itself feels simple and reads almost like a #fable . However there’s also a mix of #symbolism and a script made for a #playwhich it did happen. The story travelled to several parts of the world, including the US as a play. #penguinclassics puts a very informative package together explaining both the historical background explained in the story and also the political and social climate in #london when #behn wrote this piece. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone solely based on its historical significance. However bear in mind that this is the kind of book for which you will need to go the extra mile and read other sources to capture its importance and place in history. #recommended#suriname #surinam #britishcolony#dutchcolony #slavery #lovers#africanprince #beforesin#struggleforfreedom

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