Out of crowded vagueness by Brian Dyde

A0E49C0D-39B2-4811-AF40-131182E9446EBook set in Saint Kitts and Nevis. Reviewed on 2019/11: https://www.instagram.com/p/B5VZE6_AUTK/

Let’s just say that my next two mini-reviews are my humble and serendipitous contributions to #novembernonfiction . I chose them both because when it came to #stkittsandnevis and the #britishvirginislands , the book options were slim to say the least. #outofcrowdedvagueness is the appropriate title of an academic book shedding light on the #history of 3 islands: #stkitts , #nevis and #anguilla . #briandyde aims to be comprehensive and detail-oriented, and dare I say that he excels at both. #caribbeanislands have always been at the center of major international affairs, and this book proves that, obviously from the perspective of #britishcolonialism . If anything, I wish that another academic or fiction writer would take #dyde ‘s attempt at providing such an irrefutable historical account, and turn it upside down and offer the world the point of view which he leaves out or didn’t think rigorous enough to be included. Having said that, I still think this book is quite the introduction to these three islands in trying to understand episodes which still reverberate today. It also reminded me of a similar relationship between Reunion and the Comoros Islands in the Indian Ocean. #recommended #nonfiction#macmillan #caribbeanhistory#saintkittsandnevis #saintkitts#Kittitian #nevisians

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