Out of it by Selma Dabbagh

IMG_6589Set in Gaza City, Palestine. Reviewed on 2018/03: https://www.instagram.com/p/BgAIdEQHRRb/

At first #outofit is an ode to all the people trying to literally escape the insanity of #gaza the #war the constant #bombing the endless cycle of violence. However you quickly realize that #selmadabbagh is aiming at weaving multiple layers of #gettingout or even #escaping the various #narratives which have hijacked the #palestinian struggle and quest for justice and freedom. Even more interesting here is that most of the plot takes places #outside of Gaza: #london and #dubai to be more specific. At some point #dabbagh even says and I quote: “All interpretations of history are propaganda for one idea or another.” To me that was the most eye-opening part of the book. How much, especially #palestinians living abroad are instrumentalized one way or another by corrupt Palestinian politicians, radical religious leaders, or even other international struggles without anyone allowing the actual Palestinian people to help themselves, to empower themselves, to realize their struggles and their own aspirations. Sadly in my opinion, the book does not deliver all its potential or at least the potential of this particular message. I believe it’s a combinations of weak secondary characters; not clear sequential plots among the different cities and subplots; and a predictable ending. Anyway I’m definitely on the lookout for more #palestinianliterature or also books taking place in #palestine besides my already confirmed love for Mahmoud Darwish. So expect to see more on this page! #justice#freedom #nototheoccupation#endthewaringaza

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