Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

IMG_6602Set in Yeongdo, South Korea. Reviewed on 2018/11:

#pachinko was engaging yet predictable all throughout. At first it looks like a daunting 500-pages #familysaga . But once I began reading, I was enticed but not sure I wanted to read more. #minjinlee is a remarkable writer especially when she manages to maintain the core of a story not only in so many pages but also all along those sprawling years. My main criticism is that I wasn’t enjoying whatever it is that she was maintaining within these pages. After reading all the visceral and compelling stories which I have posted earlier, Pachinko felt traditional, safe and a welcoming rest for my brain and emotions. Hehehehe So for that I thank her. Would I remember any of the characters or even the story in a month or so from now? I doubt it. At the same time I don’t want to belittle anyone’s love and high-spirited reaction to this book. We all arrive at stories from different stages in our lives and experiences. Then we inevitably see and read something different. And that’s great! Do you imagine if we all understood or felt the same way about a book or story? How boring! So all this to say that I respectfully dissent with so many of the glowing reviews and accolades I’ve read about this book. It’s well written and captivating enough to take you along all those years and pages. However if you’d ask me, you should also give a chance to SO many other #korean writers that can shake up your world and transform your life in less than a hundred pages. #yeongdo#busan #osaka #koreanlit #mykoreanweek#영도구 #부산시 #portlife #adapting#identity #koreajapan #大阪市#japaneseoccupation #historicalfiction#koreansinjapan #imightbetheonlyone

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